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#16 Self Care In Isolation with Christina Richards

May 05, 2020 Amy Riordan Season 1 Episode 16
Amy Riordan Podcast
#16 Self Care In Isolation with Christina Richards
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don't do nothing because you can't do everything. Do something. Anything. Calling Patrick Boudreau.  

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Welcome to the Amy Riordan Podcast. They say owning a business is a journey in self development, so I decided to explore just that. Whether you're an entrepreneur or looking for fulfillment in your day to day life, get inspired here through interviews, life stories and proven self help techniques. What you do with the information received in this podcast is completely up to you, but if you act, you will alter the course of your life in ways you never could have possibly imagined. I'm Amy Riordan. Let's do this.  

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This episode is all about self care. During isolation, I spoke to Christina Richards, creator of city love dot com. She also has a podcast called Planted and Growing. We discussed yoga, meditation and being vegan. Listen it. Hi, Christina. Thank you so much for joining us. We're excited to have you please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you're on the podcast.

Christina Richards:   1:28
Sure. I mean, thank you for having me appreciate you wanting to have me on your podcast today. I'm Christina and I am an online content creator. So I have a blogged, a YouTube channel and a podcast where I talk about my low impact lifestyle. So primarily vegan food and travel are very important to me, and I document on the block. I've been at all kind of this version of my blawg because I've been blogging for well over 10 years now, and it's different versions of it. But this version of my blog's is where Five years ago, I went backpacking through Europe for three months and was able to share all the vegan finds that I had found throughout Europe. So that's kind of where that blog's started was toe document that journey. And since then I've also dove into ah, sharing more like mindfulness and self care and growth, and that has really blossomed in ah podcast that I co host called Planted and Growing. So I'm just working on providing being a resource to other people to have information about lowering your impact and improving yourself individually through, Ah, mindfulness practice a lot of, ah, variations of my, uh, my presence on the Internet, but that's pretty much it.

Amy Riordan:   2:53
I really love the low impact parts. Specifically, I think that that's something that a lot of people set out to do. But I really sure about. And it seems like you could be a guide along the way. So tell us a little bit more about that. What? What do you mean in in terms of low impact? Obviously, vegan makes sense. But what do you mean by low impact trample?

Christina Richards:   3:13
Sure. So it all started when I became vegan. Ah, a little over 10 years ago. So that's where I was sharing a lot of content. It was resonating a lot for me to share with other people that, you know, eating a vegan diet is hopeful to the earth and to yourself in tow other beings on the planet, and then it's evolved over the also. In addition, um, in the last couple of years, I've also adopted a low waist lifestyle, So I was just noticing overtime period of my life where I was consuming a lot of things and then realizing, understanding my impact on the planet and understanding single use and, you know, packaging and materials and stuff like that. So with the education that I've gotten about that, I've also tried to implement it into my lifestyle and show that my low waist and minimalist lifestyle is something that's could be attainable. And it's something that, um and so that's what I kind of try and dio in my online content creation is just to show like this is an example of someone who's working toe, move towards becoming less of a impact and have less of a carbon footprint on the planet. And so I just show an example of what I am going through and, you know, share D I wise and just experiences because I think when you're trying to go towards a low impact lifestyle, it can seem really overwhelming. And so I find that I'm showing myself is an example to others that it can take you five years. E could take you a really long time to, like, finally feel like maybe you're I mean, I think it's a constant journey, and so that's what I'm sharing. It's like this constant journey that I'm on to move towards having a lesser impact on the planet.

Amy Riordan:   5:05
All right, so we decided to talk about self care in isolation today, and I want to know why this is important to you.

Christina Richards:   5:12
So a lot of what we've been talking about previously is low impact lifestyle and and that is very important to me. But in addition to all of that, I find that I came to a low impact lifestyle maybe more easily because of a spiritual and mindfulness practice that I have. And I think that it's very important to be talking about emotional health at this time. People are definitely being challenged and everyone is experiencing things differently for this moment in time. And it's just a huge moment for everyone. Teoh collectively honestly be faced with themselves. I mean, I personally have had a moment in my life, like in the last couple of years where I had a moment of unemployment, so I was spending a lot of time with myself and it was challenging, was very challenging and it's very challenging for your emotional health and so I think it's just really important for everyone. Teoh have an awareness of practices and rituals that you can have in your daily life that can make you feel better in your skin. So it's having that awareness. Teoh, you know, just makes make you feel better. Feel like you. You have you have a lot of time now in the days. And so how do you want to fill it that time with things that are bringing you joy or else or something else?

Amy Riordan:   6:42
How do you practice that awareness?

Christina Richards:   6:44
One of the things that I implemented in the last few years is I was starting to do the bullet journal system and within the bullet journal system is a habit tracker. So I've kind of modified the habit tracker where you decide what your daily habits would be and and then you would just, you know, return to your habit tracker on a daily basis and return to those habits as often as possible. So I've kind of morphed it as I I don't necessarily have it. The word habit doesn't really resonate with me currently anymore, or I'd like to replace it with, like, a ritual or a practice where it's like people are constantly like habits are either good or bad. You're there returning to good habits or bad habits. And when I reframe it as a practice or a ritual, it's like, This is, ah, moment of me. You know, I'm never gonna accomplish it. It's just going to be a practice kind of what they say in, like yoga and stuff for your practicing. You're never gonna like accomplish it. You're just gonna continue to practice it. So having that awareness of daily practices and rituals that help give me restoration and help me uplift me are very important to me and then just having that list of things that you can return Teoh on a regular basis on a daily basis and go to those things that you have listed that will make you feel better.

Amy Riordan:   8:14
So in particular, let's let's say pre cove it. Let's go back to a better time and let's talk about what were your practices then because I kind of want to see how it evolved a little bit during this time.

Christina Richards:   8:28
Sure. So, um, I, um I have it, uh, tracker ritual practice list has definitely expanded, and it's had different versions to. I used to, like, just listed all on a journal and check them off throughout the week. And then I started just putting all of my habits at the beginning of my journal injury, and then goto go to them as the day goes on. Even just recently, a new like ritual that I've thought about implementing into my life is just like rating my emotions for the day. I find that that that is something that I've always kind of like thought about in the back of my mind to do on a pre coded Kobe day. But now that, like we're in it, I've been actively trying to be more aware of what did I do during that day that would impact how it would feel for the rest of the day and have more awareness of that? Recently, my hat are just gonna call it a have a tracker, even though I I listed as rituals on my phone. And so the rituals that I have been returning to throughout this time versus previously my meditation practice is definitely increased greatly. I find that I have more time. I've also bind that meditation is something that can be practiced in so many different ways it So I think it's a misconception where people are like, Oh, I have to be sitting with my legs crossed And this needs to be the moment. But now I've moved into this perspective of I've always had this perspective of meditation. But I'm able to stay and more of a meditative state throughout the day because I'm have these guided meditations that I returned to where I just kind of like, Listen to them throughout my day, where I don't have to necessarily be in quote unquote meditation mode. And so that's been really restorative for me. Another ritual that I like decided to implement unto my list and I didn't necessarily need to before is to just be more aware of, like my hygiene, like Get ready for the day and it condemn finitely, change your mindset when you have, like, brushed your hair and did all the things that you need to do to make yourself feel like a normal person, like pretend that you're gonna be Oh, so that is something that I've been implementing lately that I would have was doing normally previously, and the other thing recently that I've been making sure that I've been more active is connection, just having connection with other people. I think that it's a very interesting balance that we've been having lately in our day to day life style where were isolated. But we also want to reach out and feel a human connection. So at first I was trying to say, Oh, I'm gonna call one of my friends every single day And then I just changed it to connection, like if I can send a friend a text or if I can, There's just so many just print different forms of connection. And so I think that that's also just really important toe. Continue tohave in your daily rituals because you can end up spending days without talking to someone. And that doesn't feel good sometimes.

Amy Riordan:   11:52
No, it is not. Some curious about your thoughts are on yoga. I'm actually kind of trying to develop this awareness with myself, and I've been meditating. I do it especially before bed, and I'm glad that you brought that up, too, because you're right. You don't have to be sitting cross like it. I actually meditate in bed and it helps me fall asleep. And that was such an epiphany. Like, you know, what a concept. But yeah, what about yoga? Like how? How do you feel about it? Do you feel like it raises self awareness, or do you feel like it's just another

Christina Richards:   12:22
form of working out? I think it does. Raves, RIA self awareness for sure. I've been practicing yoga for, Ah, long period of time, but only in recent history I have, I noticed, a meditation with movement. I mean yoga for exercise and for working out in like, burning calories like there's a place for that. But I find that my yoga practices more so like having a connection with your breath and having a connection with your body and spending the time just to, like, give your body self love. We don't do that on a regular basis, and so it can just be very uplifting. And then all of the great physical benefits of yoga I've done to like 30 day yoga journeys. The woman yoga with Adriane. I'm sure many people are familiar with her YouTube channels. She has multiple 30 day challenges, but she calls them journeys so that you're not feeling like you're challenged. It's just it's an open invitation to have yoga be in your life. And after you finish those challenges and your consistent with doing yoga on a regular basis, you can definitely feel the difference. May yoga practice used to just be like once a week, like I would go to a class once a week, and after I started to implement it on a more regular basis, I could feel like my posture was getting better. Um, and it was like noticeably better. Like my sister was like, Oh, you're standing up straight So there's a lot of great benefits of yoga. And just like I was saying about meditation, I don't feel like you need to have thes rules. These, like fast rules about things. When you approach them, you can You can follow a YouTube video for yoga, or if you just want to just sit on your mat and do whatever feels comfortable for you. I think that that is just Aziz important.

Amy Riordan:   14:18
So go with the whole covert experience happening right now. What has been like the number one thing you've struggled with this faras self care is concerned.

Christina Richards:   14:27
I would say The connection thing that I was mentioning earlier is it has been challenging for me. I think that I I'm challenged between showing up and not showing up like connection in regards to like social media and like showing up from my community and stuff like that. Sometimes I'm feeling like I'm just who am I to say that everything is gonna be OK? You know, sometimes it can be really likes, difficult to show up when everyone is being challenged. Right now, it's like something I'm being challenged with. But also I want faces like just showing up more. And then another thing that I've been struggling with is releasing myself of guilt, of participating in things that are self care. Finds that were just, you know, condition, society conditions, us toe be go, go, go, go, go! And now that we have so much time now in days to flip the script, it's just been very. It's a challenge to like change that conditioning toe, have the balance of going to the things that our rituals that are and not feel guilty about going to those rituals. That's something that's challenging right now for me,

Amy Riordan:   15:43
agreed, saying here, and it's specifically with the podcast. Like I'm I'm pushing myself to connect with people. And every time I'm in the middle of it, like right now, I feel so good. I feel so good. Like, I feel like I'm connecting with you and we're learning stuff. We're teaching other people stuff, but then it's like but right before the podcast, I'm like, Oh, I don't know if I want to do this. Like, I don't know.

Christina Richards:   16:02

Amy Riordan:   16:03
feel good about myself. I don't know. Yeah. So I think that that's just something you've got to force yourself into, which is tough. But we have a weird time.

Christina Richards:   16:12
Yeah, I think that we just take it day by day to get hour by hour. Yeah, And also, just give yourself a lot of grace toe. Just feel whatever you want to feel. If you don't feel like you want to be actionable, look for something you just have to let go with the flow of your intuition. So it's like, you know, ultimately connection is probably going to be the best bet like it's gonna It's feeling, Niki. But ultimately, after the fact, you're gonna feel better to have connected with another person Teoh have connected with, you know, online, global community, whoever finds whatever you create. And I think it's just a huge, like, mindset thought process that we have to go through

Amy Riordan:   16:58
and it's gonna be a long process, I think. I mean, I don't know how long we're gonna be in this, but I'm meaning just like internally. It seems like the week just drag by. Um and there's just a lot like what you said. There's a lot we can do a lot of goals that we can set to help us get through this and basing it off of our feelings. Um, I wanted to ask you a little bit about your podcast planted and growing because I know that this is something that you cover self care and tell us a little bit about that.

Christina Richards:   17:29
Oh, thank you for asking. So in the last year, my friend Grace and I are co hosting our podcast planted in growing, and we both have, like, a lot of mindset, similarities where meditation is very important to us and spirituality is very important to us. And so we just wanted Teoh have a place to have conversations about self growth in care and then also low waist low impact lifestyle, including little waste and vegan diet is also important to us. So we're just trying Teoh have these conversations to have an example of ways that you can improve your life in any way that you find whatever resonates with you.

Amy Riordan:   18:17
I wanted to talk to you a little bit about and I know that this is a stretch for some of us. But what's happening next for you, like past this code thing on the other side? What do you picture yourself doing once it's all over and done with?

Christina Richards:   18:32
Oh, well, I think that yeah, I think that during this time it's a great time to have a lot of introspection and personal reflection. And so for me, that means in the future I want to continue toe, show up brother people and have them feel good in their body, whether it be their minds that are what they're eating and how they're interacting with the planet. I want toe have I want to be an example. But I also want to help other people a swell so just ah, health and life Coach is something that intrigues me greatly and something that I want to continue to maybe move towards. And I think that it's just a good time for everyone took. Maybe just have this shift on how are showing up in the world. And we can I can show up in the world by helping people specifically accomplish what they want to accomplish. You know,

Amy Riordan:   19:31
I could tell they see you being a life coach. I like that a lot. You're very You seem very grounded and easy to talk to. For

Christina Richards:   19:38
sure. I appreciate that. Thank you.

Amy Riordan:   19:41
So I just wanna let everybody listening. Know that we're gonna link everything that we've discussed, including the Adrian Yoga below. So you guys can kind of get a feel for that. And, of course, all of Christina's website podcasts, everything that she wants to link. Maybe she's got a few fund resource is for us that will link below as well. And, Christina, do you have anything you want to say is like a last word toe listeners.

Christina Richards:   20:04
Well, I hope what I expressed was helpful for anyone, and I'm My goal is is to be there for other people. So please reach out to me. If you feel like you need help with anything, it's just life can be pretty overwhelming. And I just want to be like a good light for other people. So I appreciate you taking the time Amy to speak to me today. And I hope that yeah, anything I said resonated with your listeners

Amy Riordan:   20:32
well, definitely resonated with me. And I'll probably bugging you about some vegan things that I'm trying trying. I'm trying.

Christina Richards:   20:39
Cool. No one but me. I don't care

Amy Riordan:   20:43
whole. Thank you so much for joining us. And I will be bugging you to be back on here role in the next little instances where you're at Pascoe bit, right?

Christina Richards:   20:52
Right now. The sun. I was talking to you. Thank you.

Amy Riordan:   20:55
Thank you.  

Amy Riordan:   20:57
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